Generation of Public Value through Smart Technologies and Strategies. Our special issue is out

At last, our special issue on “Generation of Public Value through Smart Technologies and Strategies” is out. We received great contributions from authors who are higly relevant in their areas of research, who have been very committed to deliver very valuable articles, including sound insights about the core topic of this special issue: How to create public value from smart technologies. We have papers from Austria, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, Switzerland, and USA, covering topics from open and big data, web-based public service delivery, online financial transparency, smart cities, social media, and more. All papers discuss implications both for research and practitioners.


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Both, Ramon Gil-Garcia, and myself, as guest editors, would like to thank all authors (including those with papers not accepted in the review process), reviewers, and the journal team (and Julian Villodre) from our research team Innovation, Technology and Public Management (#IT_GesPub) at Autonoma University, Madrid, for your implication and support during this long journey. Special thanks to our Editor-in-Chief, Sandra Van Thiel, for her wonderful job with this journal, and all the advise and support to make this special issue come a reality. We do hope this set of paper may collaborate to understand the future of public management and administration.

The content of the special issue is highly interesting for those who are looking for ideas related to the process of public value creation through technologies and strategies. As we have pointed in the opening article:

More recently, Twizeyimana and Andersson (2019) define public value in digital government as the ability of e-government systems to provide efficiency in government,
improved services to citizens and participation. Hence, they identify with the argument of Pang et al. (2014) that technological innovation may be derived from five organizational capabilities, including: public service delivery, resource-building, co-production, public engagement, and public sector innovation. From our point of view, the last three dimensions are crucial to understand the transformation in the process of public value creation during the last technological wave. In other words, a new generation of social and smart technologies is changing the landscape of public management and the capacities of public agencies to create public value.

We do hope this special issue may contribute to the understanding of technologies leading the transformation of the public sector during the next years.



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